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Naples & Pompeii Helicopter Tour
from Capri

Discover with us all the secret of this wonderful coast and the ancient splendors of the Campania region flying with us in our tour!



Enjoy your travel



We will pick you up directly from your hotel or villa, and our driver will accompany you to the helipad.
Before leaving, the captain will welcome you on board of the helicopter and he will explain all the necessary procedures for the tour.


Take off from the Island of Capri, a jewel of history! Capri has been elected residence of more than one Roman emperor and obligatory port of call for travelers, famous refuge of writers and poets, steeped in natural and historic wonders.

The tour continues to Sorrento, an expanse of land that juts out towards Capri and the rest of the Mediterranean and it lies just south of the Bay of Naples. It is a sequence of cliffs and overhangs dominating the coastline – with a few small bays along the way – blessed with a view of the enchanting deep blue. This is the Sorrentine Coast, with its sloping terraces cultivated with oranges, vines, olives and, most of all, lemons, all the way to the sea.

Then we will fly to the archeological city of Pompei, a Roman city which has been totally buried by ash, mud and lava flows of Mt. Vesuvius eruption, during 79 AD. This place is a unique set of civil and private buildings, monuments, sculptures, paintings and mosaics of such importance for the history of archeology and for antiquity to be recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Thanks to the overfly, you will explore the vastness of this area, totally brought to light from the excavations of the king Carlo of Borbone, in 1748. These works have been very important to discover old buildings as quarters or rich villas, where most of the frescos are still preserved.
The Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius tour by helicopter is created to have also a view of the volcano which, due to its strenght, destroyed other cities such as Herculaneum, Oplontis and Stabiae.
Nowadays, Mt. Vesuvius is a National Park, for its rich biodiversity. It is a natural artwork: from the helicopter you will see the real top of the volcano and its crater. The Mount Somma has at its right the cone of Vesuvius and they’re separated by a valley, called Valley of the Giant.

Next flight destination is Herculaneum, smaller and less opulent than Pompeii, Herculaneum was considered by the Romans a more residential location, today an open-air museum.
Herculaneum is a town overlooking the Gulf of Naples and it became famous throughout the world when archaeological excavations brought to the surface the ancient splendor of the Roman city that it once was, until the eruption of Vesuvius which submerged it in 79 AD. Together with Pompeii it was included among the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 1997.


At the end of the tour, we will fly back to the helipad and from there a private driver will accompany you to your accommodation.

Total flight time: 50 minutes
Price: € 3350 (up to 5 people)

• Pick up with private driver to the helipad
• Qualified Captain
• Helicopter Tour
• Flight back to the helipad
• Drop off with private driver back to your Hotel or Villa



Panoramic of Pompeii


Capri Island

Amalfi Coast


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