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Sardinia Helicopter Tour


Join the Sardinia Helicopter Tour and get an unforgettable experience. Discover the soft white sand beaches and a surprisingly crystalline sea from a different point of view: the sky!


Caprera and Porto Cervo

Join us for your unforgettable experience to discover the Caprera island or the coastline of Porto Cervo.

Private flight
Total flight time: 20 minutes

Price: € 1090,00 max up to 6 passengers


La Maddalena and Porto Cervo

Join us for your unforgettable experience to discover the Caprera island and Porto Cervo coastline or fly over Cala Santa Maria and Caprera island to discover the deep north of Sardinia.

Private flight
Total flight time: 30 minutes

Price: € 1600,00 max up to 6 passengers


La Maddalena grand tour

Join us for your unforgettable experience to discover the soft white sand beaches and a surprisingly crystalline sea.

Private flight
Total flight time: 60 minutes

Price: € 2700,00 max up to 6 passengers

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Your customized helicopter transfer

Sardinia Helicopter Tour

Sardinia Helicopter Tour provides an exclusive service for helicopter travel. Leave Olbia immediately and reach some of the most famous tourist destinations in Sardinia and beyond.

If you are looking for a private helicopter Sardinia know that you have found the service for you here. Our activity is at a top level and thanks to our luxury helicopters you can organize fantastic tours or transfers around.

What are the advantages of a private helicopter?

Perhaps you have never booked a Sardinia Helicopter Tour or a private helicopter. There are numerous advantages that bring more and more families or business people to use this means of transport for every need.

Whether it’s for work or for a vacation, being able to fly offers a large number of advantages. The first of these is that you can move around in an exclusive way, without having to deal with endless queues of cars, endless check-ins at the airport or the multitude of people inside trains.

Another not insignificant advantage is that thanks to the private helicopter Sardinia you can move wherever you want in no time. Being travel to be done as the crow flies, you move quickly, allowing you to decide daily where you will be the next day!

Last but not least is the flying experience. In fact, flying is always exciting. Seeing the world from above fills the eyes and the imagination, detecting people and cities that seem very far away but are actually very close.

Where to go from Olbia?

Sardinia is a fantastic island, full of beaches and blue seas. There are many quaint towns and villages to visit. With our helicopter flight you will be able to reach Porto Cervo in just 15 minutes from Olbia airport. With Sardinia Helicopter Tour you can have a Helicopter tour above Porto Cervo, La Maddalena, Cavallo Island and Bonifacio. You can also plan a private helicopter tour from Porto Cervo overflying La Maddalena, Cavallo Island, Olbia and Cala di Volpe.

The main airports in Sardinia from which we take off are Olbia airport and Cagliari airport. We also use two airports in Corsica, in Figari and Ajaccio. Despite being on another island they are very close to Sardinia and therefore are very comfortable to use.

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