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Helicopter Transfer Alps

Main destinations about Helicopter Transfer from and to Alps.

Flight Cost Calculator

The prices are estimated and considerated starting from. Landind fee and lux tax need to be applied.

Milan to Courchevel€4200 | 60′

Bergamo to Livigno€2800 | 40′

Milan to Cortina€6090 | 87′

Verona to Corvara€2800 | 40′

Milan to Livigno€2800 | 40′

Venice to Selva val Gardena€2800 | 40′

Milan to Corvara€4900 | 70′

Bologna to Canazei€4550 | 65′

Saint Tropez to Courchevel€4200 | 60′

Nice to Courchevel€3500 | 50′

Geneve to Courchevel€2450 | 35′

Turin to Courchevel€2100 | 30′

Val d’Isère to Nice€4200 | 60′

Turin to Val d’Isère€2100 | 30′

Geneve to Courmayeur€2100 | 30′

Turin to Courmayeur€2100 | 30′

Milan Malpensa to Courmayeur€2800 | 40′

Milan Linate to Courmayeur€3500 | 50′

Lugano to Courmayeur€3500 | 50′

Como to Courmayeur€3500 | 50′

Verona to Courmayeur€7000 | 100′

Milan Malpensa to Cervinia€3150 | 45′

Lugano to Cervinia€3150 | 45′

Milan Malpensa to Saint Moritz€2800 | 40′

Turin to Cervinia€2100 | 30′

Geneve to Cervinia€2450 | 35′

Geneve to Saint Moritz€6300 | 90′

Zurich to Saint Moritz€3150 | 45′

Verona to Saint Moritz€3150 | 45′

Bolzano to Saint Moritz€2800 | 40′

Milan Malpensa to Merano€4200 | 60′

Verona to Merano€2800 | 40′

Venice to Merano€3850 | 55′

Innsbruck to Merano€1750 | 25′

Munich to Merano€3850 | 55′

Zurich to Merano€4550 | 65′

Helicopter flight times are approximate.


Helifly can organize fast Helicopter Transfer from Milan, Venice, Bergamo or Bologna to reach various destinations on the Alps like Livigno, Cortina and Canazei.

The most beautiful and exclusive destinations on the Alps are Saint Moritz and Courchevel. Cortina has its own Heliport in Fiames, instead Courchevel has its own Altiport at over 2.000 meter where only private flights can operate.

In Aosta Valley you can explore hundreds kilometres of ski runs and snow areas. The large ski resorts of Aosta Valley are the international ones of Breuil-Cervinia, La Thuile and Monterosa Ski, stretching through 3 completely Italian valleys, at the foot of Monte Rosa.

Alps Area includes the most exclusive ski destinations in the world. Here you can find the highest mountains: Cervino, Monte Rosa, Gran Paradiso and the king of them all, Mont Blanc, which at 4.810 mt is the highest in Europe.

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